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Women and clean cooking

Intelligentlady March 23, 2018

Women Are Crucial To Saving Lives Through Clean Cooking


Three billion people, who make up 40 percent of the world popula tion, rely on heavily-polluting solid fuels for cooking. In Ghana, that fraction is more than 80 per cent, which results in over 13,000  deaths each year owing to the resulting exposure to household air pollution from smoky cooking fires. Girls and women, who do the majority of cooking, are the most impacted

The rural poor, mostly women, largely only have access to fuels that are inefficient in converting to energy. Lack of access to clean cookstoves and fuels forces women and children to spend many hours gathering fuel – up to
5 hours per day- or spend significant household income purchasing fuel


Women provide 91% of households’ total efforts in collecting fuel and water, and women have an average working day of 11-14 hours, compared to 10 hours on average for men. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, with strong support from many local partners within the public and private sectors, are working in Ghana to strengthen and advance the clean cookstoves and fuel market. Clean cookstoves and fuels can save users money and time, while also reducing toxic emissions by using less fuels and cooking more quickly and efficiently. A reduction in time spent collecting fuel and cooking enables women to spend more time with their children, tend to other responsibilities, enhance existing economic opportunities, pursue income-generating or educational opportunities, leisure activities and rest, all of which contribute to poverty alleviation. Women also play a crucial role in the widespread adoption and use of clean household
cooking solutions because of their central responsibility for managing household energy and cooking. As consumers and users of cookstoves, women are not just victims but a critical component of the sector’s ability to scale. Women
must be fully integrated into the process of designing products and solutions because without their opinions and input, products will not meet their needs and will not be used.

For more information on clean cooking, please visit Cleancookstoves.org

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