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About Us

It is a women-led organization for the
achievement of the empowerment of women; inspiring and equipping them to
live successful lives.


To be a brand for women empowerment and to
advocate for women issues


To inspire and equip women to live successful lives


Fear God, Love People

What We Do

We INSPIRE by sharing stories of successful women who have overcome their fears and challenges; who through their wisdom, boldness and persistence have changed laws, unfavorable policies and demeaning structures and in so doing have positively affected lives and changed destinies. Women of faith making a great impact in the world.

We have three mediums of inspiring women and they are;

  1. The Intelligent Lady (IL) Magazine – It is an A4 sized lifestyle magazine for the professional Christian Woman in business/marketplace and leadership role. ( we share some of the stories in the magazine)
  2. The IL Monthly Network Dialogue – It is a monthly mentorship meeting of Intelligent Ladies where older experienced Christian professionals mentor and inspire younger professionals to be successful. ( We share pictures and report of our monthly meeting April and May)
  3. The IL TV Series – A 30 minutes inspirational TV show which tells stories, testimonies and accomplishments of Christian women from all walks of life.


We EQUIP women through

  1. Educational sponsorship
  2. Skills training
  3. Startups


Our Pillars are

  • Love
  • Equity
  • Leadership grooming
  • Entrepreneurship